Sleep is sacred. Let not the approach to sleep be casual. Sleep is far superior to rest, for people do not know how to rest and relax. Sleep is proximate to deep meditation. Sleep requires understanding of its importance. Sleep is not yet understood by science. For almost half of our lives we entertain ourselves to sleep. Many times to sleep is better than to pray!

In prayer one intends to contact the subtle world, but in sleep one enters into and dwells in the subtle world. Prayer is a striving to contact the subtle world, but sleep enables its entry. Men know that they have to observe purity before they pray. Such sense of purity is also important before one enters into sleep. As one enters into sleep with purity, one is benefited by the benign energy of the subtle world. There would be desirable meetings with the guardians of life, though not consciously. Sometimes there can be conscious encounters in a dream state. With a pure body and pure mind, when one sleeps, many benefits of the subtle world are bestowed. Therefore, prayer before sleep also came to be.

Those who do not care their approach to sleep may enter into the worlds of conflict and of attacks. Not infrequently people experience nightmares. Nightmares indicate that the person at sleep knocked the wrong doors in the subtle world and entered into undesirable regions. He therefore makes unpleasant experiences.

It is recommended, that everyone purifies his body and mind before he turns to sleep. May he bring his awareness into the regions of the heart, where the door is for entry into the world of light. The one that knocks the door of the heart enters the higher worlds with an impenetrable armor.

By far, the sleep state is the most beautiful state. Men can attempt to consciously make entry through their approaches to sleep. Such an effort also bestows health. It is common knowledge that the best healing happens to the sick when they are asleep. The energy of heart, which is also the energy of healing, pervades the body, assists the vitality, resists the disease and eventually cures it.

Inducing sleep through introduction of chemical substances, like medicines, is avoidable. Tablets to sleep also act as irritants during wakeful hours. This is because the delicate stomach of the sick person is encountered by chemical substances.

Men have little knowledge of the subtle worlds. They are generally not informed that during the sleep hours, they enter into these worlds. But the truth is that every man enters into the subtle world as he sleeps. Most of the humans are unconscious of it, but if you are conscious too, just as we participate in daily life during wakeful hours, we also participate in the subtle world during sleep hours. That we enter into subtle spheres is a fact. Soon humanity will realize this. Just as one’s state of mind is important for his action in the wakeful hours, so it is in the subtle world during the sleep hours. Men of poise experience well in the mundane world. Likewise, men of poise also experience well in the subtle world. The condition of mind before sleep is very significant from the standpoint of psychic energy. If one holds a special quality of mind before the sleep hours, one can have a distinctive quality in sleep hours in the subtle world. Let not the possibility of healing during the sleep hours be neglected due to ignorance or arrogance. May sleep be understood as an important tool for occult healing. True healers do much healing upon the sick during the sleep hours. The psyche of a person is much more normal and natural during his sleep hours. Such a psyche is amenable for healing.