Ancient Knowledge of Healing

“It is time to discard old formulae and turn to the path of universal law.” People are accustomed to cruder manifestations. They expect defining thunder and blinding lightening to notice a disorder in the health systems. Neither the patient nor the physician is tending to understand the laws of human constitutional health.

As a physician observes the symptoms of ailments that seem incomprehensible, they should locate and observe the nerve plexuses near which the symptoms appear. An aching shoulder or elbow is indicative of malfunctioning of the plexus at the neck. Similarly lung ailments and frequent colds or anemia can be traced to the malfunctioning of the centers near the lungs. The swelling of shoulders or the elbows or knees are attributed to rheumatism, instead of looking to the related centers either at the base or at the neck.

Our ancients already knew the importance of placing the magnet on the crown of the head. They treated the heart as well with magnets. Strengthening the nerves and magnetizing the flow of life and also the flow of nerve substance, the flow through the nerves and the flow through the blood cells can be better managed with application of magnets instead of dumping the patients with drugs.

Our ancients knew the magnetic properties of metals and their powerful reactions, which would respond to the mineral basis of our organism. The laying of metals upon the body produces required reactions to cure the ailments.

Likewise in the antiquity, efforts were made to destroy the fatty precipitations through vegetable oil massage. The vegetable oil dissolves the fat together with its poisons. It was of common knowledge in the past that a weekly oil bath and steam bath expel the poisonous substances from the body.

The antiquity knew better the hygiene of the body and their level of knowledge was higher than that of the contemporary days. A refined understanding of the needs of the body safe-guarded the bodies much better for generations in the past. The Egyptians applied different fragrances to the crown of the head until the region of the heart and even to the extremities to cure sicknesses which are worth exploring.

A Master of Wisdom says, “In the cyclical movement of life, we meet our past in the future.” It is worthwhile to bring back the knowledge of the past into the future treatments to find sensible solutions to many a sickness.


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