2. The Mineral Substances of Life

2.1.6 What does potentiating mean?

Example: One gram (= one part) of active substance (e.g. Magnesium phosphoricum) is mixed with 9 grams (= 9 parts) of lactose. This mixture is ground in the mortar for a long time according to prescribed and determined directives so that the molecules of the active substance distribute in the lactose. When this process is finished, this will be referred to as D1, the first decimal trituration. This means that a tenth of the prevailing amount consists of the active substance. Of this trituration, again one gram is triturated with 9 grams of lactose, which brings about the second decimal trituration, namely D2. If this process is repeated, the third decimal trituration is created, namely D3. In the sixth decimal trituration, the ratio of active substance to lactose is 1 : 1 000 000.

The amount of the active substance is very low with regard to its weight. One tablet weighs 0.26 grams including compression substances. In one tablet, in the sixth decimal trituration, ¼ microgram of active substance (the fourth part of a millionth of a gram) is contained. However, in mineral substances according to Dr. Schuessler, it is not a question of weight but of the individual, just potentiated molecules of a physiological 9 distribution, which can also permeate into the cell.


2.1.7 Is it possible to take too much of it?

In the twelfth decimal trituration, a tablet contains the fourth part of a billionth of a gram as active substance. These specifications are made because it is repeatedly claimed that too much of these mineral substances could be taken. For those who prefer to change over into a lower potency it is demonstrated that a tablet in D3 contains as many active substances as 1,000 tablets in D6. Thus, it is not surprising that 50, 70 or more D3 mineral substance tablets a day are not uncommon in the substitutional healing method.

This amount is regarded to be very problematic from the point of view of a homeopath! This can be understood from the standpoint of the healing method of stimulation. However, this should not be the only point of view which is taken by consultants, homeopaths, or therapists. It might well be appropriate but only in such cases where it is fitting and not fundamentally or even dogmatically.

How little active substances are in fact contained in the mineral substances according to Dr. Schuessler is demonstrated in the following comparison. In case of mineral waters, the content of dissolved mineral substances is stated. It is usually given in milligram. In the case of a mineral water in which each liter contains 2,500 milligrams or 2.5 grams of dissolved mineral substances. One has to – if one wishes to take up as many Schuessler mineral substances as are contained in one litre of such water – take up 2,500 kg (or 2.5 tons of mineral substances according to Dr. Schuessler). Substitution is never concerned with the amount of mineral substances (quantity), but exclusively with those mineral substances which are contained in the body in finer dilutions (quality), in particular within the cells.


2.1.8 The effect of the lack of function minerals

A characteristic sentence which drastically expresses the general lack of mineral substances is:

“Already in those days I had to struggle with old age.” – “And how old are you now?“

The general degradation of mineral substances is manifested in fast ageing of the body, i.e. when the biological age is not consistent with the chronological age. People usually formulate this as follows, “He (or she) is looking quite old for his (or her) age”. The endeavor lies in the filling up of the storages by which the organs will be able to function well again and also in the restoration of the tissues in their healthy structure.

The aim lies in a situation where at least the chronological age is in keeping with the biological age. It would be desirable that a person looks younger than his/her chronological age. However, other sectors than only the physical level also have to be taken into consideration. If a person looks older than his/her chronological age, we speak of degeneration, the premature degradation of livelihood.

Unfortunately, the alienation from a natural life is tremendous. We have to reacquire a positive intuition for our body, for nature, and for life. The consumption of decades of denaturated nutrition across generations (during which also the important mineral substances were removed) is primarily reflected in the decay of teeth, in diseases of the digestive organs, gallstones, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, adiposis, arthrosis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, – the so-called civilization diseases.

If due to the lack of function minerals the organs or other parts of the body suffer, this does not necessarily mean that they are ill, i.e., damaged. Nevertheless, it is quite often intervened at the unrelated organs and body parts which are changed due to the lack of knowledge of the coherences instead of filling up the missing function mineral.


The assumed storages of the individual mineral substances which were significant for Dr. Schuessler


2.1.9 Is therapy according to Dr. Schuessler a healing method?

When health becomes subject of reflections, it must by all means be taken into consideration that the different levels in the person play their own role. Some people are already satisfied when their body does not report any disturbances. For them, this is reason enough to say that they are healthy.

However, in case of such an approach, many problems which arise in the life of a person cannot be classified. Furthermore, this point of view is exclusively limited to the disturbances of the body. Many diseases, however, pave the way for a certain time without being noticed. These first signs take such feeble effect in the body that they will not be perceived most of the time. If the disease then breaks out, this has already been prepared for a long time and the person concerned has not noticed it. It is therefore important to reflect when one can speak about disease in the first place.

Is the person still healthy only because he/she does not sense the first signs of an approaching disease? Is he/she still healthy although he /she has inwardly already left a “healthy” attitude to life a long time ago? Or has he/she no “healthy” place to sleep and must reckon with the fact that not only his/her energetic level but also his/her physical level will move into an area which is no more in keeping with a healthy state?

Finally a possibly baffling question: Is there such a thing as a healthy disease? If one considers that mainly children react with a tremendous development boost after an illness, then this question seems not at all absurd!

If it comes to disturbances in the overall structure of a person in one of the levels of his way of existence, it will sooner or later lead to a disease. A characteristic saying in this context, which however, is based on the old conception of man, quotes, “What the soul does not wish to work with, the body will have to suffer of.” This formulation always refers to a deeper, resp., finer level than that of the body, on which the disturbance must be placed. With this, already an indication for the holistic method of the treatment of diseases is given in which not only the entire body but also all levels of the human being and their interplay, resp., interaction are regarded

Vice versa, this sentence could also be a nasty insinuation because it says that the sick person just does not wish to work on his problems. Thus, it is always his fault, which, however is definitely not correct from the point of view of systemic observation.

On the other hand there is the sentence, resp. the attitude, “You, doctor, help me, but don’t change me!!“

The aim is the integration of all levels into the living processes. Those who eliminate something or some level from life, will usually experience disturbances from the level that has been put aside. Consequently, the issue is altogether that of the flow within the levels and the flow between humans and the outside world, – thus the flow of life per se.

….to be continued


9 A preparation which does justice to the body.